Bridgit crutch clip for smartCRUTCH

Bridgit joins your two crutches together.

The Bridgit is an attractive and functional clip that complements the SmartCRUTCH and solves the problem of holding or storing when your crutches aren’t being used.

featured bridgit holding smartcrutches

Bridgit is a unique mobility aid with an X Shape design that allows you to attach it to a single or pair of SmartCRUTCH’s that prevent them from falling over while not in use.

It also allows you to free your hands up and safely store your crutches out the way, preventing the need to bend down to pick them up.

Better than laying the SmartCRUTCH on the floor, Bridgit joins your two crutches together in an upright, stable X shape to rest against a wall in a safe and convenient manner.

It can also be used to hook your single SmartCRUTCH over the back of a chair or hand rail, keeping them out of the way but still within easy reach.

Bridgit is easy to use and suitable for all crutches and sticks between 18 – 25mm in diameter.

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smartcrutch accessory bridgit holds crutches together


  • One Bridgit device is suitable for a single or pair of crutches or walking sticks, not only the SmartCRUTCH.
  • Suitable for crutches and walking sticks between 18mm – 25mm upper leg diameter.
  • Easy to use design.
  • Compact style makes it easy to store.
  • Light weight.

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