Crutch pads and spares available for our forearm crutches

Because of the MODULAR DESIGN of the smartCRUTCH™ you will never be left wondering if you can ever obtain spares. From crutch grips, ferrules to crutch pads. Every single component of our forearm smart crutches are replaceable, and are stocked right here in the UK.

Making the smartCRUTCH™ a Leader in forearm crutches!


Foot Ferrules (Pair)
Foot Ferrules (Free postage!)

Cuff Pads (Pair)
Cuff Pads (Free postage!)

Lower Legs (Pair)
Lower legs (Free postage!)
Size :
Bridgit Clip
Prevents your crutches falling over (UK - Shipping Included!)

Wing Cuff Pads (Pair)
Wing Foam Pads (Free postage!)

Handle Bolt (Pair)
Handle Bolt (Free postage!)

Handles (Pair)
Handles (Free postage!)
Lock-Nut (Free postage!)

Platform Screw (Pair)
Platform Screw (Free postage!)

Leg Assembly (Pair)
Upper & Lower (Free postage!)


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