With smart crutches I am standing straighter and just feel better

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SmartCRUTCH Review for EDS User

So after much deliberating I finally bit the bullet and ordered a set. I had read reviews and seen so many other Ehlers-Danlos sufferers say good things, that I was really getting a little bit jealous of these amazing crutches.

crutch review for EDS users

Colour Range

The colour choice wasn’t difficult for me, but they have a glorious range to choose from. So once the order was placed the first of the emails started to arrive, first the confirmation of the order, then confirming payment. It was all very efficient. I was so excited I updated my twitter to let the smartcrutchuk team know. The next morning a flurry of emails, my parcel had been dispatched along with the tracking number being issued to me so I could monitor my delivery.
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