PotsyZebra noticed improvements in shoulder and wrist pain

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Smartcrutch improved shoulder and wrist painI’ve spent the last 24 hours trying out my brand new Smart Crutches from smartcrutch.co.uk. I’ve seen a few people using them, mainly at HMSA events, and envied others posting online that they have placed orders over the last few months. So now I’m excited to write this review after finally investing in a pair for myself!

I decided to go for purple, to match my boots. I wanted a fun colour having spent the last 3 years using ‘boring grey’ traditional NHS crutches. I particularly enjoyed the description that comes with each colour on the Smart Crutch website! I chose the Petite crutches due to my short stature, which came with extra foam pads to stick inside the cuff for additional support and ensuring a snug comfortable fit.

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